Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Pratishthan
Year 9 / Issue 9
From the desk of editor:
Even though Firmament falls down in Rock Form...
No idea, how many journey-adjourned people there are, while flying, always in favor of beautiful life. No idea how many are vanished from the middle of journey while flowing making the sea their destination. No idea how many confused ones there are by the downpour of darkness while walking to spread the illuminating light. No idea how many deformed turned to be the gardener’s sensibility including flower when the star-studded firmament fell down in rock form while walking with a pious intention of blooming the flowers on the earth. No idea how many beloveds’ hair braids remained incomplete without flowers. No idea, how many people’s love-proposals turned to be utterly bereft. Let’s say, many lovers remained inside the bracket and many others outside the bracket. In course of journey, when, out of the blue, the entire earth froze and converted into rock, possibly, human teardrops froze and rock flowers pervaded everywhere. However, in accordance with its fifteen-year-long roadmap of establishing the recognition of Nepali literature in the world, continuously sidelining the obstacles and completely immersing in the melody of inner heart, as a rejoicing document of grief, or let’s say, through the steadiness, similar to the silajit (a tar-like object, having medicinal value, oozed out of the rock) of Nepali Kala Sahitya Dot Com (Nepali Art and Literature Dot Com), we have offered you the ninth issue of (www. in both Nepali and English version as a flower oozed out of the rock - a purely art-literature-music-related annual e-magazine incorporating some old and many fresh creative materials.

Despite the fact that rocks fall upon us from the firmament, even if the earth melts and converts into the rock, we are confident, our heart, which melts in both pains and gains, will never freeze. Nonetheless, Nepali Art and Literature Dot Com Academy will never give up its dynamic role since it has to kiss its destination.

Finally, I would like to extend special gratitude to all those beloved creative writers who never slacken off to offer their assistance irrespective of falling of the firmament or freezing of the earth.

Again, even though the firmament falls down in rock form or the entire earth freezes, this heart dedicated in the name of art, literature and music will never freeze……….!!!!


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