Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Pratishthan
Year 11 / Issue 11
The Hue of All-Encompassing Freedom

As long as life flows with ease and fluidity, it takes its own course in utter freedom, gurgling and rippling in currents as does water that carves its own path and moves along. As life flows on its own accords carving its own trail, it fills up ditches if they occur on its way and moves ahead; it croons on and proceeds, if hurdles and impediments come to bar its way. At times, it transforms those hurdles and impediments into shaligrams and moves. What if an entire mountains looms to bar its way, the water still proceeds, even by making a diversion. And if its path is barred from all directions, it assumes the form of flood and flows, and finally, at the end of its ceaseless flow, integrates with the oceanic drama of nature. In this course, the procession called society cannot, on the pretext of any unworthy questions, raise any slogan against the freedom of unrestrained flow.

The authorial ethic that worships the innate freedom of life guaranteed by the constitution of nature shall not be objected by any article or clause of civilization, for in it, the softest color of decorum is automatically felt. This truth is the real essence of creativity. In accordance with its fifteen-year’s roadmap to promote and introduce such high-order and distinguished strength of Nepali literature to the world, Nepali Art and Literature Dot Com Foundation, through its relentless efforts, is back with yet another circulation of Kalashree, its annual publication in print, and (, the web magazine in both Nepali and English languages, incorporating many world-class creations in art, literature, and music, including both Nepali and English versions of Kannada poems collected in Bharat: Shashwat Aawaz, and other individual works. This is an outcome of the relentless support from our well-wishers and unwavering commitment of Nepali Art and Literature Dot Com Foundation that rejoices its movement amid the echoing melody of the same unfathomable self-reverberation.

In reality, when darkness shall engulf this entire creation ultimately, it seems, it will be the creators that will procure the last flicker of fire, and they shall be the ones to preserve the last seeds of creation. In the task, the creators’ free but divine and holistic color shall be instrumental. For this, Nepali Art and Literature Dot Com Foundation accords heartfelt honor to such authors and artists, who spread colors of faith as devotees of freedom.

In the meantime, I thank all the magnanimous authors and artists who, though their creations, gave us their company during our holistic journey for freedom. On top of that, I accord special thanks to dynamic talents Mahesh Paudyal, Keshab Sigdel, Suman Pokharel and Suresh Hachekali for their commendable contributions in the work of translation.

In the same context, I reiterate the unflinching and eternal allegiance of my mind with free and holistic color, with full commitments for the cause of art, literature and music for a beautiful life, which for me is an artistic citation for orchid beauty.


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